Lothar Wolf, Germany, has now participated in 14th editions of the Giro. And you? How many times have you come to ride the Giro delle Dolomiti?

My name is Lothar Wolf, I am 58 years old, I live in Germany in the beautiful Braunsbach am Kocher, a famous travel destination for cyclists who like to pedal on level ground close to the river.

Up until last year, I regularly attended cycling events with the support of my camper, mainly in Germany. During the week I regularly ride to work (about 20 km) with my gravel bike. My goal is always to cycle 10x /month = 120x /year.

In 2020 I will use the weekends without organized events to get to know the area around where I live and to love it even more. In this way, I have so far managed to almost replace completely the goals I wanted to achieve. I can reach 15,000 – 20,000 km per year without any particular effort.

I started cycling in the fall of 1989 when I found out at an outdoor pool that my legs were too wobbly. After that, I did it without a break.

I discovered the Giro shortly afterward through an advertisement from Peter Krebs in the magazine Tour. What initially turned out to be an adventure in a tent or the smallest hotel room, it has become a great love still alive to this day. Now I travel with all the comfort of my camper and stay at the Moosbauer Camping.

The Giro is THE EVENT OF THE YEAR for me and unfortunately, it regularly clashes with the german Bundesradsporttreffen, which is very popular in Germany. It’s just about having fun with friends, nice impressions, and a bit of competition.

I do not have a favorite stage, but the Alpe di Siusi has always impressed me the most. This is where I find myself closest to the rugged rock faces! I think this will also be a must in 2021, also for the “new” and for me unknown ascent.

The unique format of the 2 x 3 days of tourism among friends in a sometimes competitive atmosphere immediately attracted me and won’t let me go.

This year I would have participated for the 15th time. Despite the cancellation of the event this year, I spent the actual week of the Giro in Bolzano and designed my own Giro. Because it’s not only the Giro but also the beautiful mountains that guarantee to cool on hot days and the wonderful city, which offers variety on less beautiful days. Not to mention the famous cuisine…

Naturally, I no longer take the competition part of the event very seriously, but just looking for your neighbor on the campsite in the rankings and keeping them in check the next day can be fun!

Until last year, cycling in Germany was more of a marginal movement with potential traffic obstruction.

Corona has also brought some changes around here: the bike shops are all sold out, there is waiting time for delivery, and especially the e-bike world is booming.

26 August 2020