From the reign of Queen Elizabeth to the one of King Laurin, the ride is short: we present our ambassador Jon Williamson from the United Kingdom.

From which country/city are you writing us? Where do you usually go cycling?

I am based in Canterbury in the UK. I am lucky that I have time as a rowing coach to do my own training as well and ride my bike as part of that. I usually cycle locally in Kent but wherever I get the chance, a lot in Italy as my wife’s family home is there, Spain a couple of times a year and across the UK.

What meaning has cycling in your country? Sport, commuting, infrastructures for cyclist, tourism…

COVID has brought more people to cycling, both as exercise as well as commuting. I have a group of rowing friends that regularly meet up to cycle in group, competitively as well as socially. Things are developing more for cycling in the UK.

How many years did you take part of the Giro delle Dolomiti?

I have done the Giro delle Dolomiti only twice …both the short giro as I have children and a wife…but a fantastic experience I would want to repeat!

How would you define the Giro delle Dolomiti in three key words?

Social, fulfilling and organised.

What do you find unique in the Dolomites, UNESCOs Heritage?

Dolomites are breath-taking, accessible and varied whilst challenging…I am a fan of mountains and climbs.

What do you think about the Giro format, that is a balanced combination of timed and controlled speed sections with road closed to traffic?

Personally, I would love it if there was a fraction more timed and freer kilometres relative to the controlled but understand the safety and difficulty transmitting out of Bolzano on main roads…but have slightly more aspects of a gran fondo? Longer timed sections/stages.

Out of all the stages you have been cycling in the past years, which one is your favourite? And which Dolomite Pass have you never done and would like to try?

I loved having the chance to do the Stelvio… but would love to do the Sella Ronda as that’s more than just one pass!

On average, how many km do you cycle per year?

Usually I cycle around 10k a year and try do sportives or gran fondo events in Belgium, Italy, and the UK. This year it will be closer to 12-13k!

28 October 2020