From which country/city are you writing to us? Where do you usually go cycling?

I am from the south of Sweden and live outside a small village called Ljungbyhed. My favourite place to ride is Söderåsen, a fantastic area with great ascends (by Swedish measurements!) and joyful descents.

What meaning has cycling in your country? Sport, commuting, infrastructures for cyclist, tourism…

Cycling is growing bigger in Sweden, both as a sport and as tourism. We have lots of marked paths to ride from the North to the South, and in the last couple of years, they have gotten really popular. It is nice to see younger tourists on bikes as well! For commuting Sweden isn’t the best I am afraid. Most of our cycle paths are made for a maximum speed of 18km/h. So they are quite hard to use as a cyclist actually. And the climate on the roads in the rush hours aren’t friendly at all.

How many years did you take part in the Giro delle Dolomiti?

I have only had the opportunity to take part 1 year so far. We had 2020 as a plan, but we all know why that didn´t happen.

How would you define the Giro delle Dolomiti in three keywords?

Oh, God! Only three words to describe the best race ever. Tough! Well, then my three keywords for Giro delle Dolomiti are: Friendly, Professional, Stunning.

What do you find unique in the Dolomites, UNESCOs Heritage?

It is the most beautiful mountain landscape I have ever seen. The vertical walls and sheer cliffs, the beautiful and narrow, green valleys. The views are impossible to describe. You have to see for yourself!

What do you think about the Giro format, which is a balanced combination of timed and controlled speed sections with the road closed to traffic?

I love the format of Giro delle Dolomiti. Me and my husband, who are quite different as riders, could take part and enjoy most of the race together. It was an adventure and a fantastic experience. Really nice to talk to a lot of riders from other countries also! Everyone has their countries flag at the tag – good icebreaker.

It feels really safe that the timed sections are always uphill and closed to traffic. And at the top everyone gathers, takes a snack and changes clothes for the descent. So you have an audience when you finish the section. And then you roll down together in groups, safe and sound. It is a top-class arrangement!

Out of all the stages you have been cycling in the past years, which one is your favourite? And which Dolomite Pass have you never done and would like to try?

It was fantastic to climb Stelvio. But I think I have to choose Sellaronda as my favourite stage. BEAUTIFUL! I would really like to ride Passo Fedaia.

On average, how many km do you cycle per year?

On average I cycle 7000 km/year.

23 February 2021