Giro delle Dolomiti launched a unique project with the purpose of promoting physical exercise for stronger health, more endurance, better performance for everybody.

Giro delle Dolomiti launched a unique project with the purpose of promoting physical exercise for stronger health, more endurance, better performance for everybody. Under the supervision of the Department of Sportshealth of Bolzano and the coach Cristiano Zanolini, 5 “would-be” cyclists train for the next 4 months with the goal of being ready for the Giro delle Dolomiti. Certainly not aiming to win it, but to do it without great difficulties.

Bolzano, March 1, 2018 – the organizers of the Giro delle Dolomiti and the sports medicine of the local health authority set up a collaboration. The following five months together they’ll prepare five cyclists for the stage race which will take place from 22 to 28 July. The five cyclists will certainly not compete for victory, but this isn`t even the objective of the project, presented to the public on Thursday at the Marienklinik. The participants are common people representing the South Tyrolean population or, at least, most part of it. They’re from different parts of South Tyrol, employed, in the prime of life, have family and currently do sport never, sometimes ore relatively often. Alessandra Ghizzoni (52 years from Vipiteno), Norbert Oberhofer (78/Merano), Edoardo Guarente (44/Bolzano), Ilse Pfeifer (57/Ega) and Karl Heinz Kieser (52/Caldaro) are the five competitors who are preparing for the Giro delle Dolomiti (22 – 28 July).

The participants have already undergone an aptitude test guided by Stefan Resnyak, the head physician of the sports medicine in Bolzano. “Some more analysis will be done in the next few months. After the Giro delle Dolomiti we’ll examine the participants one last time. This gives us the possibility to determine if they are in a better physical and mental health than at the beginning of the project. I’m convinced that all of them verify that the training and participation at the Giro delle Dolomiti contributed in improving their general well-being. With this project we want to animate the whole population to practice more sport. It isn’t necessary to have a special support, such as tests, training schedules and analysis. Half an hour a day is enough to feel better”, Resnyak said.

Training and nutrition schedules done by professionals

Lucio Lucchin takes care of a right and balanced alimentation. The head physician of the service of dietetics and clinical nutrition compiles nutrition schedules which shall help the five participants to nourish right and sufficiently, especially during the event.

The responsible for the training schedules is the former professional and certified coach Christian Zanolini. The schedule will be established in collaboration with the sports medicine in order to meet the specific needs of the participants. For the five participants these services as well as the entire outfit, wheel shoes from Northwave and much more are for free. The costs will be defrayed partly by sponsors, partly by the organizers of the event.

Sport practised in a group is more motivating

“Many people connect the bicycle with happiness. For example, when thinking about bicycling for their first time. Cycling is healthy, prevents possible articulation damages and can be practised into old age. We would like to motivate people to use this means of transportation and sports equipment more often. Of course, we would be pleased if the number of participants of the event increases, but this isn’t definitely our main goal. The reason why we started this project is that we take care about healthiness and the prevention of the South Tyrolean citizens”, Simon Kofler, head of the organizing committee of the Giro delle Dolomiti, explained. He will present the results of this project on July 25, which is the day off, as part of the event “InGiro”.

The provincial councillor of sports and health Martha Stocker is excited about the project. “It’s always easier to do sport if practised in a group. In South Tyrol, we are fortunate to have the support of associations and organisations. Sport isn’t just good for our physical health but it also prevents depressions and makes people feel mentally stronger. I hope that many South Tyrolean follow this direction and change their lifestyle; our project “Evviva” has similar aims”, concluded Stocker.

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9 April 2018