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We are happy to announce an exciting tour program running parallel to the next edition of Giro delle Dolomiti. From the 24th to the 26th of July 2023 we invite the athletes’ friends and family to join our daily tours and explore different destinations in South Tyrol.

The tours will follow the daily cycling routes of Giro delle Dolomiti and offer a rich activity program suitable for all ages. Guided by local experts, our guests will have the chance to visit premium locations, experience firsthand the culture and traditions of the valleys, and taste the local food and wine, all this in a stunning natural setting.

It is possible to either book the full weekly program or the single-day tours. SOON YOU´LL  FIND HERE ALL THE DETAILS OF THE 2023 PROGRAM.


laifain is a tour agency based in Bolzano. It organizes culture, food, and wine tours and private events in South Tyrol and the adjacent regions. Thanks to the team’s insider knowledge and exclusive network of local partners, laifain designs hand-picked itineraries for those who want to discover the hidden gems of the region away from crowds and in close contact with the local life.








In the same areas of the stages of the Giro, a rich program to fully experience Bolzano and the Dolomites all around

With the cable car from Bolzano to the Ritten Plateau with Dolomites panorama

Sunday July, 24th, 2022

Start: 9am
Return: 2pm
Cost:  € 65        (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)


We start from Bolzano Fair and reach the Ritten cable car valley station. We then set out on a cable car ride and enjoy a spectacular view of the Dolomites. We arrive in Oberbozen, a beloved summer resort at 1,200 meters, and from here we walk along the Sigmund Freud Promenade to Plattnerhof. We visit this historic farm, where ancient tools and utensils are showcased, as well as a honey museum. A shuttlebus later takes us to an apple farm and official Marlene® supplier. We drive back to the Exhibition Center in Bolzano for lunch.

©Tourismusverein Ritten / Foto Tiberio Sorvillo und Foto-Achim-Meurer, ©-Helmuth-Rier

Medieval town of Glorenza and Lasa with its world-famous marble, fine chocolate and apricots from the Venosta Valley

Monday July, 25th, 2022

Start: 7am
Return: 5pm
Cost: € 90      (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)


Panoramic train ride from Bolzano to Sluderno in the Venosta Valley. From here a shuttle takes us to Glorenza, a small village that enchants with its romantic character, the vibrant cultural life, and the idyllic surroundings.

From here the train takes us to Lasa, known worldwide for the quality and purity of its marble. The stunning Ground Zero underground station in New York was clad entirely in Lasa marble.

Here we meet Thomas Tappeiner, who tells us everything about this special place. He then takes us to Venustis, a place that creatively combines marble, chocolate and apricots, the three top-quality products from the Venosta Valley.

From Lasa we take the train to Silandro and enjoy lunch at BASIS Vinschgau Venosta, an innovative cultural hub in South Tyrol. We then take the train back to the Bolzano Exhibition Centre.

©IDM_Angelika-Schwarz, ©Roland-Lechner, ©Ulrich-Schwienbacher,  ©-Helmuth-Rier

Bressanone, Pharmacy Museum and the art of cheese-making

Tuesday Jul, 26th, 2022

Start: 9am
Return: 5pm
Cost: € 90      (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)


Journey by train from Bolzano South to Bressanone, the most ancient city in the Tyrol area. We start with a guided tour through the most important sights of the bishops’ town: the Dome square, the medieval churches, the picturesque arcades and alleys. We arrive at the Pharmacy Museum that showcases an incredible collection of tools and equipment testifying over 400 years of pharmaceutical art.

After a pleasant walk until the Novacella Abbey, a shuttle brings us to Vandoies to enjoy a guided tour of the Capriz cheese factory. After lunch there will be the possibility to visit the Loden World Museum. Transfer back to Bolzano Exhibition Centre.


©Bettina Ravanelli, ©-Helmuth-Rier, ©-Jürgen-Eheim

Our tour offers during the athletes’ day off (Wednesday, July 27): the following tours together with the Aperitivo lungo and the Stelvio Climb for cyclists are to be booked and paid extra.


Art and culture in Val Gardena, the Dolomites’ valley

Start: 8am
Return: 5pm
Cost: € 90      (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)

There are three distinct cultures coexisting in Val Gardena: the Italian, the German, and the Ladin one. In this valley linguistic diversity blends with cultural richness and local craftsmanship. Over the centuries, Val Gardena’s wood carving tradition has become a renowned form of art and has made the valley popular beyond borders.

The Biennale Gherdëina 2022 combines this local heritage with contemporary art, offering an enriching exchange of ideas on art and life. As part of this event, expert guides will take us above the village of Santa Cristina, along an art itinerary characterized by interactive open-air installations. In this idyllic setting, we enjoy a picnic in the greenery with a stunning view of the Dolomites.

We then visit Ortisei, a village where is possible to admire ancient as well new art. In the afternoon, we drive back to the Bolzano exhibition centre.



Val Badia in the Dolomites – a journey into Ladin culture

Start: 8am
Return: 5pm
Cost: € 90      (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)

Together with other neighboring valleys, Val Badia hosts the Ladin population, a linguistic and cultural world that is unique in South Tyrol. Many exciting discoveries about the Ladin cultural and culinary traditions await us on this tour.

We walk along a High Route, a hiking trail through a breath-taking landscape amidst the Dolomites peaks. We visit several “viles“, the ancient settlement that is typical of this area.

Traditional Ladin lunch in a typical farm (not included in the tour price). We then drive back to the Bolzano Exhibition Centre in the late afternoon.


Aperitivo lungo at Sigmundskron Castle for the 45th edition of te Giro delle Dolomiti  

Aperitivo lungo: 6.5 – 8.5pm
Closing time: 10 pm
Cost: € 15            (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)

Come and celebrate with us the 45th edition of the Giro delle Dolomiti ! Expect an aperitivo lungo at Castel Firmiano, the headquarters of the Messner Mountain Museum, the museum circuit created by Reinhold Messner. An extraordinary location with an exhibition path exploring the universe of mountains in a fascinating way. Included in the prize  an aperitvo lungo in a special location with good drinks, finger food, the museum tour (special opening for you), music and a lot of nice people enjoying the summer day.



Stelvio Climb – cycling tour

Start: 8am
Return: 5pm
Cost: € 65    (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)

Full day excursion: start with shuttle bus with bike trailer from Bolzano Exhibition Centre to Prato allo Stelvio in Venosta Valley. Bike tour with expert guide through the iconic Stelvio Pass. Return by bus to Bolzano.

Bolzano tour with beer tasting

Start in Piazza Walther in Bolzano: 3 p.m.
Duration: 2 hours

Guided tour of Bolzano’s historic center followed by a beer tasting session at the Batzenhäusl tavern in collaboration with the local Tourism Office of Bolzano.

Free of charge also for the first 25 participants of the Giro Guest weeklong package 


©Helmuth-Rier,, Simon-Perathoner

Sarentino valley, its rural culture and Valdurna

Thursday July, 28th, 2022

Start: 9am
Return: 2pm
Cost: € 65      (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)


Transfer from the Bolzano Fair to Sarentino, a village that has proudly preserved a strong rural tradition. Through a guided visit of the historic farm Rohrerhaus, we experience first-hand the culture and traditions of this still quite characteristic valley.

We then drive until Valdurna, a small village amid an untouched natural setting. We walk around the Valdurna lake before heading back to Bolzano for lunch.


©Tourismusverein-Sarntal, ©Eduard-Weger, Rohrerhaus-©Helmuth-Rier, ©Michael-Lange


Guided tour with wine tasting at a winery in Bolzano

Start:     4.00 pm
Return: 6.00pm
Cost: € 55   (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)

From the Bolzano Exhibition Centre, we’ll head to Heinrichshof, a historic wine estate only few minutes away from Bolzano’s city center. Since a few years, the estate is run by the young winemaker Heiner, who is passionate about sustainability and decided to switch the production to natural wines.

Heiner will take us on a private tour of his family’s estate and illustrate to us his production methods.

Next activity is a wine tasting in the fresh and intimate space of the cellar. We will taste seven of Heiner’s natural wine varieties and enjoy a rich snack with local delicacies.



Discovering Trentino among wineries, gardens and breathtaking views

Friday July, 29th

Start: 9am
Return: 3pm
Cost: € 65      (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)


In Lavis we embark on a tour about wine, architecture and gardens. It starts in the Monfort Winery and continues up to the wonderful Giardino dei Ciucioi, a terraced hanging garden with a dreamlike atmosphere.

During the visit we taste three wines from the winery and then make a toast on the picturesque lovers’ balcony in the Giardino dei Ciucioi. Afterwards we will take the cableway that will take us to Mount Mezzocorona, from which we enjoy a wonderful view of the valley. We return to the Trento exhibition centre for lunch.


©Bettina Ravanelli, ©Nicola Cagol – Archivio Consorzio Turistico Piana Rotaliana Königsberg

Discover Trento´s historic sites

Saturday July, 30th, 2022

Start: 9am
Return: 12am
Costs: € 65    (all details in art. 3 of the regulations below)


Guided tour of Trento through the city’s most important sights, among churches and buildings in Gothic and Renaissance style. We walk through the old town, from the cathedral to the iconic Neptune fountain, through streets and alleys with frescoed facades and towers and visit the Tridentum Romana, an underground Roman settlement from 46.AD. Here we relive almost 2000 years of history, from the city’s foundation to the present days.

We then head back to Trento exhibition centre for lunch and the Giro delle Dolomiti awards ceremony.


©-Helmuth-Rier, ©Bettina Ravanelli



July, 24th – 30th | 6 days

€ 440


*max. 4 days

€ 65 – 90



July, 24th – 30th, 2022 | 6 days

€ 440


*max. 4 days

€ 65 – 90


with discounts and special treatments, just say you are a partecipant of the Giro delle Dolomiti


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This Regulation may be changed in the event that it is appropriate or necessary to introduce measures to manage the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19. We, therefore, invite you to check our website for any future updates to these Rules.

The ASD Giro delle Dolomiti offers a new package aimed at all the companions of the athletes enrolled in the 44th edition of the Giro delle Dolomiti who will be able to join entirely (from 24th to 30th July 2022, Wednesday is rest day) or on single days.

Ways of participating to the Giro GUEST

  • Giro Guest:          6 stages from 24th July to 30st July 2022 (rest day: Wednesday)
  • Single Stage/s:      any single stage for a max of 4 stages

Starting from March 1st, 2022 it is possible to purchase the GIRO GUEST package through the website on the dedicated page. Any payment fees are borne by the competitor.

Upon reaching 30 members per single stage, the registrations will be closed.

All participants must hold a valid third-party insurance liability as well as a casualty insurance policy. Participants without their own insurance policy shall subscribe to a casualty accident and third-party liability insurance policy when registering online with our partner Assicurazioni ITAS.

With the purchase of the Giro Guest, competitors declare that they are aware of the present regulations and unconditionally accept each of their provisions in every detail. This declaration implies the compliance with self-certification provided for and stipulated for the effects of D.P.R. No 445 of 28 December 2000. Any person making a false declaration commits an offence and shall be subject to the penalties set out in the Penal Code and related special laws.

YOu can book the whole Giro Guest package for the whole week or only single days. Also on the rest day we offer you a lot.

    1. Giro Guest (6 days):                 € 440   official 2022 t-shirt included
    2. Single Day:                              € 65 – 90 for each stage,  official 2022 t-shirt included

Prices per person:

– 65€ for the half day tours Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

– 90€ for the full day tours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

– 440€ for the six-day program Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday including public mobility and museum entrance fees

– 15€ for “Aperitivo lungo” 45th GIRO DELLE DOLOMITI at MMM Firmian Castle incl. museum entrance, music, on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 6.30 pm

Included in the GIRO GUEST prices:

– Expert guide during the tour. We guarantee a high quality mediation of all information along the way and around each sight. From experience we know that guests have special entertainment in stories and anecdotes. We guarantee this with our guides, who also offer language skills in German, Italian, English.

– Shuttle transfers, where explicitly described

– Entrance fees, where explicitly described

– A tasting, where explicitly included in the tour description

– The pick-nick during the tour “Art and Culture in Val Gardena”.

– The lunches with the cyclists on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Inform us please, if your hotel gives you the free GIEST CARD for the use of public mobility and the museum entrances.

The price does not include:

– Tasting and/or meals wherever the tour description does not explicitly say “included”.

– Entrances and public mobility where described as “not included in the price”.

Registration conditions: Upon reservation, payment of 100% of the amount.

Cancellation conditions

– Until 14 June free cancellation

– From 15 June cancellation fee 100%.

Exhibiting a valid identity document, having verified the completeness and correctness of the documents, you can collect the bracelet and the welcome package at the headquarters of the Giro delle Dolomiti:

Fair (Messe/Fiera) of Bolzano

Piazza Fiera 1

39100 Bolzano 

Opening hours of the Main Office:

Saturday 24 July and Wednesday 28 July 2021 from 9:00 to 18:00.

Each participant indemnifies the Organizers and each and every person cooperating with the organization, for various reasons, from all kind of responsibilities, civil, criminal or administrative, arising from any harmful event, which may have occurred to his/her own person or caused by his/her own behavior. Furthermore, the participants undertake not to leave their bicycle and their property unattended. It is understood that in case of theft or damage to his/her own bicycle, to personal property or to any other means of transport left unattended, no liability shall be ascribed and no demand can be made on ASD Giro delle Dolomiti. Moreover, the ASD Giro delle Dolomiti shall be compensated by the participant in case of actions causing damage to the image or reputation of the event, to the ASD Giro delle Dolomiti, which may arise from the participant behavior not conforming to the rules set out in the present regulations or to the spirit of the event.

If the event or part of it will not take place due to force majeure or any other unforeseen event beyond the control of the Organization, the registration fee shall not be reimbursed and won’t be charged for the subscription of successive editions of the event.

The Organization reserves the right to make changes to the route or to the present regulations at any time at its own discretion. Any change will be published on the website 

With the dispatch of the online application form for the purchase of the Giro GUEST, in order to safeguard the health of all participants and to protect the organization of the event in terms of responsibility, the competitor declares under its own responsibility that: 

– he/she has a regular accident and third-party liability insurance policy;

– he/she has read the present regulation and has unconditionally accepted every point.

The ASD Giro delle Dolomiti, as holder of the data treatment, will treat the participants’ personal data in compliance to the EU Regulation 679/2016 and of the D.lgs.196/2003, which was modified by D.lgs. 101/2018. 

More information on the treatment of participants’ personal data are available on the website ( privacy policy, section “Press&Docs”

The ASD Giro delle Dolomiti ensures that the processing of the participant’s data will be characterized by principles of lawfulness, accuracy, transparency, purpose and storage limitation, data minimization, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality. With the dispatch of the online application form, the participant agrees to any kind of photographs, videos, audio and/or video recordings produced during Giro delle Dolomiti, which could be stored, reproduced, published or sold by the Organizers, and the participant is not entitled to any linked compensation and/or redress. In particular, the participant expressly authorises the Organizers, as well as its relevant media partner, to use still or moving images, which may depict him/her during the participation in the competition, on all media, including promotional and/or published material. The participant further agrees to the use of such data, as material, by photographers and/or professional photo studio specifically selected by the Organizers for the creation of the event’s photographic services.

ASD Giro delle Dolomiti, Viale Trieste 17/D, 39100 Bolzano (BZ).

Phone: +39 0471 1701188               



The present regulations are governed by Italian laws and only the Italian text will be used. Regarding all matters not expressly regulated, the applicable Italian laws and legislative provisions shall be applied where necessary.