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24th – 30th JULY



The 45° edition of Giro delle Dolomiti is ready. The oldest weeklong bicycle event for Dolomites-lovers will take you through the city of Bolzano, up to Renon mountain, Passo Erbe, the vallies of Val Venosta and Val Sarentino, through the Lake Valley on the Monte Bondone and the city of  Trento. Even more amazing and challenging, are you ready?

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For those who can’t make the whole week, individual stage tickets are also available. Staying in the same hotel means guaranteed rest and logistical simplicity.



24 July – 1.345 m | 78 km | h. 9.00
Crono Rencio – Weber im Moos | 11,6 km • 791 m


Just a stone’s throw from Bolzano, the road winds through the vineyards up to the plateau of Ritten from where you can admire the Dolomites and the city of Bolzano from above. Once reached the highest point in Collalbo, the tour continues halfway up the mountain between the villages of Barbiano and Villandro. Here begins the descent to Chiusa, where the tour continues through the Isarco Valley before going back to Bolzano for lunch.

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25 July – 1.634 m | 172,9 km | h. 7.00
Crono Sluderno – Crossroads Maso Albergad | 9,8 km • 622 m


Second challenge – ride of Giro delle Dolomiti 2022 with its 172 km and almost 2000 meters of climbing. You reach Merano, the famous spa town in South Tyrol, and climb up to Tel, where the Vinschgau Valley begins. You ride 50 km through this U-shaped valley, admiring numerous villages, churches and castles. In the distance you can see the glaciers of the Ortler group glistening. In the Marble Village of Lasa, there will be a refreshment point before keeping on to “Alta Via della Val Venosta”. Far away you can see the cultivated fields of the valley floor and catch a glimpse of the white marble quarries. Once in Tanas, we go on and stop in Silandro for a well-deserved lunch before concluding our pleasant journey to Bolzano deviating around the Merano basin.

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26 July – 2.207 m | 175 km | h. 7.00
Crono Petschied/Prada – Passo Erbe | 10,7 km • 867 m


The queen stage of this edition takes us into the Puez-Odle Natural Park up to the Passo delle Erbe at an altitude of 1,998 meters a.s.l. It is the passage from the valley of Luson to Val Badia, wonderfully set among gentle alpine meadows and extensive forests, at the foot of Sass de Putia (2,875 m). A challenge-ride of 100 km and 2000 meters of climbing to overcome. Towards Val Badia to Casteldarne and then Vandoies di Sopra, where a lunch will be served. The tour continues through the Val Pusteria Valley, leading to Bressanone, Valle Isarco, ending in Bolzano.

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28 July – 1.583 m | 75 km | h. 9.00
Crono SP 137 (Maso Ropele) – Parcheggio Lago Valdurna | 10,4 km • 514 m


This stage leads into the Valdurna valley, an out-of-the-beaten track road leading to Sarentino Valley which ends at the idyllic Lake Valdurna at an altitude of 1,554 meters a.s.l. in the middle of the Sarentine Alps. From Bolzano you ride through the narrow gorges of the Sarentino Valley reaching the destination after about 10 km. We return to Bolzano on the same route as we came, but much faster for lunch at Fiera Messe Bolzano/Bozen.

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29 July – 2.928 m | 114,8 km | h. 8.00
Crono SP 85 del Bondone – parcheggio di valle impianto a fune Rocce Rosse | 21 km • 1.199 m


This stage starts in the city of Trento. Heading south to Aldeno you enter the Valle di Cei, till the omonimous Lake. Slightly less steep the race continues over the Bordala pass to Ronzo-Chienis. During the descent towards Arco you have a splendid view over the northern shore of Lake Garda. You will ride next to Cavedine Lake and cross Toblino Lake before reaching the lovely village of Madruzzo and climbing up to Monte Bondone. After 93 km and 2900 m of climbing, you ride back to Trento for lunch.

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30 July – 84 m | 25,7 km | h. 9.30
Crono Romagnano  | 7,9 km • 8 m


Start and finish point in the city center of Trento. Single and teams of 4-5 members will ride through a part of the stage of the UEC Road European Championship of Trento2021. Two all around for a total amount of 7,9 km before going back to the citycenter of Trento for lunch and the final award.

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Giro delle Dolomiti
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24th – 30th July | 6 days

€ 450


€ 90


with discounts and special treatments, just say you are a partecipant of the Giro delle Dolomiti


100 m from the Fair

+39 0471 1950000

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4 km from the Fair

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3 km from the Fair

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5 km from the Fair

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19 km from the Fair

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5 km from the Fair

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1,5 km from the Fair

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9 km from the Fair

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7 km from the Fair

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4 km from the Fair

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1,5 km from the Fair

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These regulations may be modified if it becomes appropriate or necessary to introduce measures to manage the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19. We therefore invite you to check our website for possible future updates of these Regulations.

The ASD1 Giro delle Dolomiti2 is the organiser of the 44th international road cycling event for amateur cyclists. One of a kind, it offers indelible memories and new friendships in a relaxing and at times competitive environment with a limited number of participants on spectacular roads in a Unesco World Heritage site.

Ways of participating:

  1. Giro delle Dolomiti: 6 stages from 24th July to 30th July 2022 (rest day: Wednesday);
  2. Single Stage/s: any single stage for a max of 4 stages.

The participation at the event is open to all cycling amateurs between 16 and 75 years old, members of ACSI, F.C.I. or other Italian promotional sport organizations, as well as foreign cycling amateurs with a for 2022 valid UCI license issued by the national cycling federation. Participation is allowed to all cycling amateurs. However, all participants, with no exception, must produce a valid health certificate (see Art. 4 M.D. 16/24.04.2013) as well as an ethic declaration and both of them can be uploaded on Professionals and/or the elite cyclists are admitted only for promotional purposes and will not be registered for the overall standing.

Participation to the Giro delle Dolomiti is not allowed to persons who:

  1. have tested positive in any accredited drug-test by the International Cycling Union, the National or International Olympic Committee and by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), whether under controlled circumstances or random tests, or have refused to submit themselves to drug tests and/or health protection controls, whether under controlled circumstances or at random;
  2. have been registered with modified biological profiles, which are monitored in their Biological Passport, according to the applicable rules of WADA and the International Cycling Union, without any proof of true genetic and/or physiological conditions which may explain their profiles’ changes;
  3. were found in possession of pharmaceutical or banned substances, whether biologically or pharmacologically active, or substances which use is prohibited or restricted according to the applicable laws and regulations concerning doping without any plausible, detailed and documented justification, and, in any case, without a detailed medical prescription;
    2 We have respected the name “Giro delle Dolomiti” in the same way as the iconic “Tour de France”, which refers to its
    original French name.
    1 ASD: Amateur Sporting Association Giro delle Dolomiti (full name of the event organizer, but the first three words are usually reduced to the acronym ASD);
  4. have been involved in medical procedures not justified by documented pathological or therapeutic conditions and aimed to design or, likely, to modify the results of anti-doping tests for the use of prohibited pharmaceutical substances;
  5. have been penalised by any sporting code and/or general disciplinary body for a period of at least six (6) months for offences related to doping;
  6. have been subjected to coercive personal measures by penal authorities and subjected to investigations on facts related to anti-doping regulations’ violation;
  7. are not in a position to be registered as an amateur cyclist (as set out in Resolution N° 6 of 29.7.2013 of the National Cycling Authority regulations), specifically:
  • Professional athletes: for 4 years after the termination of their last contract;
  • Elite (without contract): for the 2 years after their last registration in this category;
  • Under 23 athletes: for 2 years after their last registration in this category; Under 23 athletes who have only been registered for 1 year in this category: for 1 year after their registration;
  • Elite women: for the 2 years after their last registration in this category.

The ethic declaration, as well as the health certificate, is indispensable for a regular registration. In case it is missing, you will automatically lose the right to take part in the event and any deposit paid for enrollment will be forfeited.

From 15th December, 2021 on From 23rd July 2022 at the Fair in Bolzano.

Entries will be closed once the limit of 600 entries per stage is reached, excluding from counting the residents of the provinces of Trento, Bolzano and Belluno and competitors having participated for more than 10 years in the Giro delle Dolomiti.

All participants must hold a valid third-party insurance liability as well as a casualty insurance policy. Participants without a membership card of a cycling organisation and/or without their own insurance policy shall subscribe to a casualty accident and third party liability insurance policy when registering on-line. The ASD GDD declaims all responsibility for the insurance services and cover. It is mandatory to install on your bike the microchip for testing and timing-keeping, which is available at the fair for a small fee.

By registration for the event, competitors declare that they are aware of the present regulations and unconditionally accept each of their provisions in every detail and that they satisfy the subjective conditions set out in Article 3 of the current Regulations. This declaration implies the compliance with self-certification provided for and stipulated in Legislative Decree of 28th December 2000 N° 445. Any person making a false declaration commits an offence and shall be subject to the penalties set out in the Penal Code and related special laws.

  • Giro delle Dolomiti (6 stages) – € 450 (rest day: Wednesday) – within 26th July 2020 € 330.00
  • Single Stage/s – € 90.00 for each stage – within 26th July 2020 € 70.00

The organizer considers itself responsible only for the services offered during the event. In case you won’t be able to participate due to serious and proven reasons, we will provide, upon written claim by September 15th 2020 and at the sole discretion of the Organisation, free entrance to the Giro delle Dolomiti of the next year.

The event is a touristy sporting cycling tour and all applicable rules of ACSI must be observed. Roads will remain open to traffic (except the timed stage). Competitors shall at all times and under all circumstances comply with the Highway Code (even in the timed stage). Fastened helmet is mandatory at all times.

The instructions of the race marshal, who is the sole responsible of everything during the stage, shall be strictly followed. Competitors not complying with the safety rules may be immediately disqualified from the event and, in cases of accidents, the person(s) responsible shall be charged according to the law.

Competitors overtaking the “start race” vehicle as well as those overtaken by the “end race” vehicle are no longer part of the event (read insurance policy) and cycle on their own risk and will. All competitors must behave properly, in conformity with the rules of the event and generally use common sense.

Refreshments and snacks will be available during the ride. Two options for lunch: “Full Lunch” and “Fast Lunch”. You can store your backpack within 15 minutes before the daily start and you take it at the end of the timed stretch and/or at the finish of the stage. The GDD is not responsible for the possible loss or damage of your backpack.

The provision of refreshments and snacks has the added role of reassembling participating teams in the

speed-controlled sections of the Route and at the end of free-speed sections. The duration of breaks can vary. In order to further reduce waiting times, the return journey to Bolzano may be split in one or more groups.

Provide a valid identity card and all the mandatory docs:

Fair (Messe/Fiera) of Bolzano,

Piazza Fiera 1, I – 39100 Bolzano during the following days:

Saturday July 23rd and Wednesday July 27th all day, all other days before daily start and after daily finish.

Each stage will include one or more timed free-speed sections and is valid for the ranking (also Giro sprint). Only the sum of the times of the individual time sections (without Giro Sprint) will determine the final classification.

At the end of each stage all rankings will be displayed at the Fairgrounds and also published on the website To be ranked in the Giro delle Dolomiti competitors are required to complete all stages. The Organising Committee reserves the right to properly modify any stage in case of arising situations which may compromise the safety of competitors or the successful conclusion of the event.

Stage on July, 30th – Team time-trial

Single cyclists can join teams of 4 or 5 members each, combining with different teams other than their own, and, ideally, mixed teams. Individual participants may also take part in this stage. The travel time will be calculated considering the time of each team’s fourth competitor crossing the finishing line. Drafting is allowed. Time trial bicycles or extensions mounted on the handlebar are not admitted. In order to facilitate the formation of teams, a chalkboard shall be displayed at the Fair.


The competitors must pass through the carpets of the two control points situated along the route, or they will be disqualified. Any person moving ahead of the race marshal’s vehicle at the “start position” shall be excluded from the stage rankings and may also be disqualified from the Giro delle Dolomiti. The use of a bicycle fitted with any electronic and/or any electric device to aid or boost performance is expressly prohibited.


Giro delle Dolomiti – the first three male and female participants as outright winners, the first three participants of each category (men A 18-30 years, B 31-36 years, C 37-42 years, D 43-49 years, E 50-57 years, F 58-65 years, G over 66 years; women W1 18- 39 years, W2 40-54 years, women over 55); the first three male and female of the Age Factor category; the first team ranked by performance (time), and the first largest team.

Crono Team – the winners will be the first male team, the first female team and the first mixed team.

Giro Corporate – the fastest 3 teams.

Leader jersey: Every morning the overall leader M/W and the leader M\W of the Dolomites Residents will receive his/her leaders jersey. Outright winners of the general ranking will be excluded from the categories rankings. The stage winner is obliged to wear the leader jersey, given to him/her, during the stage following his/her victory.

Prizegiving: Saturday 30th July 2022 from 13:00 onwards.

Complaints must be submitted to a jury panel, as set out in the technical regulations of the SAN3 of the ACSI. Regarding matters not included in these regulations, the technical rules and regulations of the SAN-ACSI shall be applied.
At the end of each stage, representatives of the competent authorities shall run anti-doping tests. Accordingly, before leaving the arrival zone, competitors must ensure that they have not been selected for such testing.

3 Settore Amatoriale e Cicloturismo Nazionale; National Amateur and Competitive Cycle-tour organisation.

The ASD Giro delle Dolomiti declines all responsibility in respect of all competitors for accidents or damage caused to persons or property, which may have occurred before, during or after the event or as a consequence thereof.

Each participant indemnifies the Organisers and each and every person cooperating with the organisation, for various reasons, from all kinds of responsibilities, civil, criminal or administrative, arising from any harmful event, which may have occurred to his/her own person or caused by his/her own behaviour. Furthermore, the participants undertake not to leave their bicycle and their property unattended. It is understood that in case of theft or damage to his/her own bicycle, to personal property or to any other means of transport left unattended, no liability shall be ascribed and no demand can be made on ASD Giro delle Dolomiti. Moreover, the ASD Giro delle Dolomiti shall be compensated by the participant in case of actions causing damage to the image or reputation of the event, to the ASD Giro delle Dolomiti, which may arise from the participant behaviour not conforming to the rules set out in the present regulations or to the spirit of the event.

If for reasons of force majeure, including pandemic, or any other event not attributable to the Organization, the event or part of it should not take place, the participation fee can NOT be refunded, nor charged to the registration of subsequent editions of the event.

The Organisation reserves the right to make changes to the route or to the present regulations at any time at its own discretion. Any change will be published on the website

With the dispatch of the online application form, in order to safeguard the health of all participants and to protect the organization of the event in terms of responsibility, the competitor declares under its own responsibility that:

  • he/she is in possession of a valid medical certificate for competitive sporting activities, as well as an ethical Both of them must be attached in the online application form and sent by e-mail (, or provided at the moment of the race pack pickup as a necessary and essential condition for the participation in the event;
  • he/she has a regular membership card and/or an accident and third party liability insurance policy;
  • he/she has read the present regulation and has unconditionally accepted in every its

The ASD Giro delle Dolomiti, as holder of the data treatment, will treat the participants’ personal data in compliance to

the EU Regulation 679/2016 and of the D.lgs.196/2003, which was modified by D.lgs. 101/2018. More information on the treatment of participants’ personal data are available on the website ( privacy policy, section “PRESS&DOCS”

The ASD Giro delle Dolomiti ensures that the processing of the participants’ data will be characterised by principles of lawfulness, accuracy, transparency, purpose and storage limitation, data minimization, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality. With the dispatch of the online application form, the participant agrees to any kind of photographs, videos, audio and/or video recordings produced during Giro delle Dolomiti, which could be stored, reproduced, published or sold by the Organisers, and the participant is not entitled to any linked compensation and/or redress. In particular, the participant expressly authorises the Organisers, as well as its relevant media partner, to use still or moving images, which may depict him/her during the participation in the competition, on all media, including promotional and/or published material. The participant further agrees to the use of such data, as material, by photographers and/or professional photo studio specifically selected by the Organisers for the creation of the event’s photographic services.

With the dispatch of the online application form, the competitor and the representative of his/her team confirm that they have not received any sporting, civil and/or criminal sanctions related to doping, even if the penalty was served, and declare that they have not, and will not, utilise any of the prohibited substances listed by the World Antidoping Agency (WADA) -> 2022 .

A false declaration will be prosecuted according to law.

In case of a positive doping test effectuated by the authorities during the Giro delle Dolomiti, and if any positive doping result is confirmed within 6 (six) months following the Giro delle Dolomiti and in any other sporting event, the competitor is obliged to inform the Organising Committee of the Giro Delle Dolomiti and must pay a fine of € 50,000.00 (fifty thousand Euro) as a damage to the reputation and image of the event. If the competitor belongs to a sporting association, such organisation is obliged to pay the penalty.

The ASD of the Giro delle Dolomiti reserves the right to take measures in cases of recorded participant’s unsporting behaviour that could affect the finishing ranking of the time trial.

Competing with another competitor’s number, giving a competitor’s number to others or other serious violations noted by the Organisers will result in an immediate expulsion of the participant from the event or from the ranking, or it will lead to a disqualification of the competitor from the event for one or more years. These provisions will be applied by the Organisers.

A competitor has to wear his/her race number all the time and it must be also attached to the competitor’s bicycle. During the race, each member of the caravan has the duty to inform the Organisers and the race marshal of riders not displaying numbers on their bicycles, or not wearing the number and to report participants whose behaviour puts him/herself or other competitors at risk, as well as the Giro delle Dolomiti reputation.

We recommend the participants not to throw litter on the streets along the route. Competitors found throwing any kind of objects away form the refreshment points may be subject to disqualification for the present and the following edition of the event. Disqualifications fined by the ACSI during the year may lead anytime to an exclusion from the starting list at the sole discretion of the Organisers.

GDD, viale Trieste 17/D, 39100 Bolzano, Italy T: +39 04711701188 ,,

The present regulations are governed by Italian laws and only the Italian text will be used. Regarding all matters not expressly regulated, the applicable Italian laws and legislative provisions shall be applied where necessary.

On Friday 29.07. and Saturday 30.07. there we will organised a bus transfer (with bike trolley) that will take cyclists from Bolzano to Trento (fair). Seat reservations at the Bolzano Fair from 23.07. onwards.