Charity Partner: World Bicycle Relief – Changing Lives With Bicycles


Our charity motto is: Ride the Dolomites & do good!

Ride the Dolomites is synonymous with fair cooperation, respect for nature and for people. For this reason we have chosen World Bicycle Relief as our charity partner. The goal of World Bicycle Relief – to enable everyone to get around by bike, to educate themselves, to have access to health services and to work – matches our values and we share them in every form!

Every participant of the Giro delle Dolomiti can support this valuable project! With every registration to the “Giro delle Dolomiti” ticket, a 2 € fee is automatically donated to WBR.

World Bicycle Relief believes that two wheels can open a new world of possibilities – especially in places where access to reliable transportation is a luxury. That’s why the global nonprofit helps people in developing regions go after their dreams with life-changing bicycles. Equipped with a rugged Buffalo Bicycle and support from their own communities, students, health workers and entrepreneurs can face challenges head on and thrive.

World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through The Power of Bicycles. Their mission is to create access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities in developing regions of the world where distance is a challenge.

The lack of efficient, reliable transportation adversely affects economic and social development in regions where distance is a barrier. Bicycles are a simple mode of transportation that are essential to creating long-term sustainable change in developing regions around the world. When compared to walking, bicycle riders can carry five times as much cargo in just a quarter of the time. A high-quality bicycle in a developing rural area is a powerful, cross-cutting intervention that immediately improves livelihoods and educational and healthcare outcomes.

The Buffalo Bicycle isn’t your typical bike. While most of the world’s bicycles are lightweight, complex and made for recreation, the Buffalo Bicycle was created specifically to withstand the rugged terrain and harsh climate conditions of the regions in which we work. The result of over 10 years of product development, our bicycle meets the pressing needs of people living in rural areas of developing regions around the world.

The extremely durable and easy-to-maintain Buffalo Bicycle is field-tested and assembled in our program countries. The rear rack’s capacity of 100 kgs allows the end user to carry heavy loads to market or even another rider to school. The design of the Buffalo also ensures compatibility with locally available spare parts.

Impact stats
Bicycles can help empower women and girls to take charge of their futures. With access to bicycles, women and girls unlock their potential and focus on education, feel safer, obtain vital healthcare services and achieve greater earning potential. That’s why World Bicycle Relief aims to direct 70% of Buffalo Bicycles to women and girls.

  • On a Buffalo Bicycle, health workers saw an average of 88% more patients each month.
  • With a bicycle, girl students in World Bicycle Relief’s education programming were less likely to miss school than girls without bicycles, decreasing absenteeism by 28%.
  • Dairy farmers monthly income from milk delivered to dairy cooperative increased by 23% with a bicycle.