Being a stage partner of 2022 Giro delle Dolomiti, is the perfect chance for ISB Sport to demonstrate how cycling is important and how the care of the environment is at the core of our company values.

ISB Group, specialized in industrial components, has been present in the market since 1981.
The headquarters in Rubiera, Italy, in the middle of the motor valley, is the strategic center of a wide network of distributors and manufacturing sites, which are all led and guided by the internal R&D and Quality departments.

Among ISB Group divisions, ISB Sport is the one dedicated to specially designed bearings and components for sport applications.

When talking about SPORT everyone immediately thinks about the top performances of pro athletes or pilots. However, an ever-increasing number of users nowadays are attracted by bicycles, motorcycles and other sports equipment for everyday training or challenges.

ISB Sport bearings can meet both requirements:

  • great speed capability
  • a high degree of running accuracy and reliability for racing applications
  • but also extended life span
  • and close to zero maintenance for the huge portion of beginners.