Q36.5 is an extreme vision into the future of cycling clothing

Q36.5 collaborates with Italian partners of excellence in the textile field in order to develop the most efficient fabrics for cycling in the world. The use of exclusive high-quality fabrics, developed specifically for use in cycling, together with the radically essential cut and design of the garments, allows Q36.5 to produce one of the world’s lightest cycling apparel.

Cut through the wind faster than ever.

Q36.5 assumes that sustainable values, beliefs, choices and actions are not only a moral responsibility but also an urgent corporate obligation. This believes drives the company to develop and use recycled and bio-sourced fabrics, as long al durable materials and to have a Made in Italy production. 95% of Q36.5 production is done within 350km of Q36.5’s headquarter in Bolzano. 

Experience how you can maximise your ride today with Q36.5.